Please note this information relates to the 2018 event. 2019 bookings are open but information is still being updated and will be available shortly.

Competition Rules

Rules and scoring

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The objective is to complete the route that you have prepared as closely as possible. You will be tested on all aspects of the expedition from the moment you arrive to the completion of the event on the Sunday. There will be challenges to complete along the way.


The event is an expedition therefore Scouts are expected to only use kit they can carry from one place to another
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  • GT teams camp with leaders. Leader will choose what suits their teams at this level, for example the team may carry a tent but it may not be the one they slept in - teams will still be marked accordingly but the point is to get younger Scouts experienced enough to progress
  • GT+ teams camp away from leaders. They must be self sufficient and carry all kit
  • GTx teams camp away from leaders. They must be self sufficient and carry all kit

Scouts must meet the minimum kit specified in the information pack
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Kit will be inspected and assessed before a team leaves. Failure to meet safety requirements such as good footwear, water proofs etc will mean an individual or team may not be able to participate.

Scouts should know how to use all kit available to them
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It is important that all Scouts know how to safely use, clean and store equipment (for example cookers). This is especially true of GT+ and GTx teams as any assistance will cost points.

Scouts should know how to navigate with map and compass and be confident in decision making.

Teams must pass a route assessment
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Any team that fails the assessment will be demoted to GT and have to be assisted by a leader. The Gwentrek assessors will scrutinise the route to check it is planned well and ask questions to cover route and general navigation knowledge. This is to ensure the safety of all participants.

Scouts should know and use the highway code as there are sections of walking on roads

Scouts should know and use the country code

Camp sites should be clean and tidy at all times - GT+ and GTx teams will be marked on camp craft and meal prep

Scouts will be expected to cook their evening meal and breakfast the next morning (that means carrying all food)

All teams must use the route card template supplied

Leaders: groups must implement their own inTouch/Nights Away

Leaders: GT+/GTx teams must have a Nights Away passport

Teams must check in to the site on arrival (at any point)

Teams must reach all checkpoints/bases.

GTx teams often have more than one campsite


Scoring will happen throughout the event at certain key points whilst they are on site and then during the route. The competition will be focussed on the route card, therefore good knowledge of the route and planning is important.

Route Assessment
Teams will be marked on knowledge of their route and navigation skills. There is an important element of ensuring all teams are ready to leave the field. Points are allocated by the assessors based on the ability to answer questions and demonstrate knowledge of bearings and so on.

Kit check
Kit will be inspected before leaving the field. This ensures all teams have the correct kit and they will need to show they can pack a rucksack properly and know where there kit is (some important elements may need to be shown to the assessors).

Check points
Teams will be marked according to their route and timings. Arriving at the checkpoint on time (+/- 2 mins), based on departure from previous checkpoint, will achieve 50 points. 1 point will be deducted for each minute that a team is early/late.

Bases will still mark as a checkpoint but may also have an activity to be completed. This will be based on Scouting knowledge or skills and will be marked to a given criteria.

Teams will be expected to carry food and cook it themselves. They will be scored on the correct use of equipment, safety, teamwork and the quality of the meal. Marks will also be awarded to the skill involved for example a more complicated dish will score higher than a basic dish. ALL meals must be appropriate to the event. Preparation of Sunday breakfast will be assessed.

Points will be deducted for:

  • Not being able to pitch their site
  • Not keeping their site tidy
  • Leader intervention (more lenient on GT teams)
  • Damaging the site or facilities provided
  • Missing checkpoints
  • Non-Scouting conduct or behaviour