Nominating Outstanding Contributions

Local awards can be used by any commissioner to recognise youth members, volunteers and non-members for their contribution to the Scouts.

It is important that we recognise those people in Scouting who achieve remarkable things, or show outstanding support to Scouting and our greater communities.

For our adult volunteers with greater than five years service, the Scouts operate a national Good Service Awards scheme.

Commissioner’s Commendation Award

Another way to mark a contribution is with a Commissioner’s Commendation Award.

The award is the gift of either the District or County Commissioner and includes a badge and certificate.

Unlike other Good Service Awards in Scouting, the Award can be awarded not only to adult members but also to young people, non-members and groups of people.

There is also no minimum length of service for a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Previous awards have been used to recognise

– Volunteers who have stepped up to provide additional support to others as well as complete their own role.
– A group of young people who behaved remarkably in an emergency situation.
– Young Leaders who have performed ‘above and beyond’.
– Leaders who have continued despite personal suffering or wellbeing to provide Scouting.
– External companies or individuals who provide time, finance or other support.
– Volunteers and young people who have gone over and above during the COVID19 pandemic

Because the Award is administered locally, they can often be produced in a timely manner to link with key events or provide recognition while the services are fresh in the mind.

Awarding a Commissioner’s Commendation does not restrict further nominations for National Good Service Awards.

Anyone can make a recommendation for a Commissioner Commendation for consideration by either the local District Commissioner or County Commissioner.

Use the simple form below to make a recommendation.